You perform best when you feel fit and full of energy.
This also applies to your horse!

Just like a human body, a horse’s body contains waste products that are created by the natural processes in the body or by external traumas. These toxines can lead to all kind of discomfort and eventually pain. Guasha Therapy for horses ensures good blood flow and flow of energy, the body is then able to get rit of these toxines. 

Do you want to make sure your horse feels good? Ofcourse as horse owner you take good care with good and healthy feed, ability to move in freedom and social contact with other horses. You can learn how to use guasha yourself in the online guashaworkshop.

Shine even more together, that’s the goal!

Happy horselovers

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I would like to thank you for a high quality, affordable online class. I greatly enjoyed it, and was able to put my knowledge to immediate use, first on myself and my husband, next on my horse. I really get a lot of pleasure treating my horse, and I also like the feeling of the stone in my hand and all the different ways it can be flipped, turned, and used. It’s like a jade puzzle!

I enrolled because I wanted a way to benefit my horse while spending time with her. Guasha seemed simple to learn but very beneficial. My horse enjoys her treatments, and I enjoy giving her the treatments. It’s a great way to increase the partnership while giving health benefits.
MerelThe Netherlands
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The information is clear and concrete and with the videos you immediately see what the intention is. It has also been presented clearly. The subdivision in the videos by body part works well, you can quickly return to the part you want to treat.