Online Guasha Workshop for horse owners!

Learn how to give your own horse a health boost with the help of a strengthening guasha treatment.

Next start: 15th of October 2023


This workshop is for you if you want to

Keep your horse fit and healthy

Guasha will stimulate the flow of blood in the fascia of the horse. This will optimize the transport of nutrients and oxygen in the body of the horse.

Develop a deeper bond with your horse

When you do bodywork with guasha regularly, you will develop a stronger relationshop with your horse. In a herd grooming is a daily activity for the horses.

Help your horse in warming up and recovery of training

Do you notice that it takes a long time to really warm up your horse when you go riding? Does your horse suffer from muscle pain quickly after a training/ride? Guasha can help your horse.

Support the rehabilitation of your horse

Is your horse stabled more than is healthy for him due to rehabilitation/injuries? Do you want to be able to give your horse a nice massage? With guasha you can support your horse on daily base in the rehabilitation process.

Ready to learn guasha for your horse? Then this online guasha workshop will be great for you! And the nice thing is, you will also learn how to strengthen yourself with guasha!

“I would like to thank you for a high quality, affordable online class. I greatly enjoyed it, and was able to put my knowledge to immediate use, first on myself and my husband, next on my horse."
“I found the workshop and your approach very good and useful. The information is clear and concrete and with the videos you immediately see what the intention is. It has also been presented clearly."
The Netherlands

What you will learn in this guasha workshop

Module 1 - How does guasha work?

In the first module I will tell you more about guasha:
What is it exactly?
Where does guasha originally come from? And why should you apply it?

Module 2 - energizing treatment human

You learn the different ways of holding the stones and you will get used to working with a stone. You will also experience what a preventive treatment does for your body. This module is a good preparation before you start working with your horse.

Module 3 - energizing treatment horse

In this module we start working on the horse How to treat which parts of the body. How you hold your stone and what direction, speed and pressure you use when scraping. Tips & tricks for properly holding and using the guasha stone.

VIP: Personal guidance with feedback on your video

To refine your guasha technique, you can make a video of yourself when you treat your horse.

You can send the video and will receive feedback on your technique. This way I can guide you to develop the most effective guasha techniques for your horse.

This VIP personal guidance is now availble in this workshop as a bonus. Next workshop this will be a paid add-on of 50 euros.

About me

Dorine Erkens
Guasha Therapist for Human and Horse

Since 1998 I am the proud owner of my own horse, Jaurena (Joki) In the beginning she had a lot of injuries, she was at least a few months a year lame or injured. When she was 10 she is diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the lower joints of her feet. The advice I got was to just walk and ride straight ahead to tax the joints as little as possible.

In Dutch we have a saying for people: ‘Rest rust’. That is of cours the same with horses, so I went looking for a stable with a lot of movement possibilities for Jaurena. Via via I found the stable De Maesberg where horses are outside 24/7. Jaurena liked it very much and because of the combination of lots of movement and focused training in Straightness and Classical Dressage, I could ride her untill she was 26 yeras old. At 27 years it was her time to let her go.

How I discovered guasha

During training I ran into physical blocks of myself and my horse and because of that my attention was drawn to the Guasha treatments of Greetje Hakvoort at the Human & Horse Academy. After receiving some treatments myself, I was convinced by the effects of Guasha. This is how I want to help humans and horses to feel and move better!

In october 2014 I graduated from the Guasha Therapist training course at ‘Guasha Opleidingen Santai‘. I am very proud to be one of the first Guasha Therapists for Horses in the world!

In february 2015 I also graduated as a Guasha Therapist for Humans. Since 2015 I helped many people with all kind of pain related issues.

Next start: 15th of October 2023

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participants in this workshop

Already more than a hundred horse owners over the world benefit from this wonderfull guasha technique!

Happy horse owners

“I greatly enjoyed it, and was able to put my knowledge to immediate use, first on myself and my husband, next on my horse. I really get a lot of pleasure treating my horse, and I also like the feeling of the stone in my hand and all the different ways it can be flipped, turned, and used. It’s like a jade puzzle!”

“I really liked the fact that I got to practice on me before going out to my horse, so I could feel what she would feel.”