Claudia about her horse Amiro and the Guasha treatments

Guasha behandeling Amiro op de Boeve Hoeve
Regular treatment once a month.

Today Amiro enjoyed a Guasha Treatment again. He enjoyed it 🙂

Wendy about Guasha and the recovery of Daisy of an navicular injury

Daisy krijgt een Guasha behandeling (2)It is now more than nine months ago Daisy suffered an injury to the navicular joint. After a period of rest, various Guasha treatment and the proper way of training going on, I can now say that Daisy is again recovered well.
Because of her injury she was going to walk to get the pain out of the way otherwise. Therefore she started to settle in certain parts of her body. The Guasha could loosen that well, so I can improve in the training according to its balance sheet again and could make her stronger. We have now been a while doing the training to pick up everything. I also Dorine bought a stone for himself Daisy can give a small treat before I work out. And she enjoys the fullest :).